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Scientific Publications

 JTC has published scientific articles in international journals concerning truffles in Finland with an international group of scientists from different countries such as Italy, China, US, Slovenia, Libya, Hungary, Tunisia, India, Egypt etc., as a co-authors. Some of those publication are presented here.

In 2015 JTC published three articles about truffle microbiology and truffles extracellular enzymatic activity from different origin. JTC researchers were the first group worldwide whom published such work.

Extracellular Enzymatic Activity of Tuber macalatum and Tuber aestivum Mycelia

Endogenous Bacteria of Tuber aestivum Ascocarps are Potential Biocontrol Agents if Microbial Post-harvest Deterioration of Truffles

Sanititizing Methods Effects on Depending-Culture Microorganisms in Tuber aestivum

The successful cultivation of Tuber aestivum/uncinatum in the boreal region of Finland was published in Mycological Progress (2013)

Few of those scientific articles were presented Finnish wild truffles that has not been published early such as Tuber anniae which has been published in FUNGAL ECOLOGY (2013): Morphological mycorrhizal and molecular characterization of Finnish truffles belonging to the Tuber anniae species-complex.

 Tuber foetidum a white truffle was found growing naturally in Finnish forests. This truffle species was published in Mycotoxin (2013) with a collaboration of Hungarian colleagues: Tuber foetidum found in Finland .

The future scientific publications will be uploaded here.