Juva Truffle Center gives training, consultation and start-up materials for the establishment of truffle orchards for private landowners only based on a mutual written two years (or more) contract. Juva Truffle Center does not have any rights to the crop produced in the area under the contract, but has the right to use and publish the results and photos obtained from the truffle orchard. Contract prices follow the principles presented below.

Costs for two years contract for 0.5 ha area

1. Basic costs 2500-3000 € / year including

a. selection of field area and tree species together with the landowner

b. collection and analysis of soil samples in the first year and also in the second year if soil management done

c. instructions for soil treatments (lime)

d. instructions for planting and cultivation of inoculated trees

e. instructions for protection of plants during summer and winter

f. follow-up the orchard by visiting the orchards 3 times/year

g. collection and microscopic analysis of root samples 15-16 months after the planting

h. two data loggers for the measurement of soil temperature; reading of data twice a year will be provided.

Basic costs are increased by 750 e per each 0.5 ha (after the first 0.5 ha), including 2 data loggers/0.5 ha, and more soil samples and root samples taken (analysis costs).


2. Seedlings á 13 e (2010 price); the final price follows the price set by the nursery and cargo costs

a. Juva Truffle Center orders the certified seedlings inoculated with truffle mycelia to landowners (oak, hazel, or lime)

b. 0.5 ha area can be planted in two parts (in first and second year)

c. ca. 200-250 seedlings/0.5 ha (the total price using 13 e/tree is 2600-3250 e).

If a field area larger than 0.5 ha is to be planted, costs for seedlings will rise according to the increased number of seedlings needed.

3. Travel costs

a. travel costs are charged according to the distance to the field from Juva (0,43 e/km in 2016)

b. if two fields are in the same area, travel costs can be shared with the landowners.